November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana


Why a Comet Festival?

We like to celebrate science when it occurs in the purchase generic levitra online natural environment for it shows we value the pursuit of science even when science doesn't have all the answers.  We can't wait for others make our citizens scientifically literarte.  We're going to go out with our kids and levitra drug in india watch Comet ISON's fate unfold as it nears and rounds the sun.  Live it, together, as suggested at Celebrating the Uncertainty of viagra no presciption Science. 

When is it?

Comet ISON makes its closest approach to the sun on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013.  Lift a glass to toast perihelion around 1:19 p.m. EDT, when the Comet Festival technically launches.  Scheduled events will get underway in the ensuing days, going daily through the womens viagra cheap no prescription week until December 8. 

What Can I Expect?

Of the Comet Festival, expect to have fun while learning about comets and other denizens of the solar system.  Of Comet ISON, expect either its destruction by the searing sun or maybe a nice appariton in the twilight sky.  Science begins with observation, so get out and look up!  The comet will likely be visible in small telescopes or to the naked eye in mid-November while it is inbound; will be obscured by the sun for a few days on either side of Thanksgiving; and will then come into view in the morning twilight starting that first full week of December 2013 (i.e., if it survives).

Who is buying viagra over the internet Coordinating This?

Chuck Bueter of is initiating the Comet Festival effort, with many people stepping up with their own vision of how we can parlay a potential comet spectacle into a community windfall. A significant partner is Riverbend Community Math Center, whose recent community venture was the TROVE experience for the 2012 transit of Venus--diverse programs offered in concert with that rare yet historically significant event.  Many businesses and institutions are similarly stepping up to viagra buy online create their own role in promoting science education in the community.  The list of propecia fast no prescription supporters continues to grow.