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What Sungrazing Comets Reveal

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Sungrazing comets can tell us much about the viagra side effect dynamic forces that assault it when the comet and discount viagra levitra tail interact with the levitra profesional sun's magnetic fields.  When Comet Lovejoy passed exceedingly close to the sun in 2011, most people expected it to have an ignoble ending, but instead its tail was like a tracer that contorted and broke apart along the magnetic lines of the sun, as shown in fascinating NASA video from spacecraft.  It's no wonder NASA is marshaling resources to study the passage of Comet ISON as it bears down on the sun. 

Structure on the sun's surface is fairly easy to fake viagra prescription see as loops such as prominences, but in the sun's upper atmosphere the levitra canada prescription task is harder.  Energetic oxygen interacting with Comet Lovejoy's tail glowed bright enough for NASA scientists to reconstruct the sun's field lines with an indication of their strength, too.  The wispy comet tail was just bright enough to trace out out some upper atmosphere structure. The NASA video points out that observing sungrazing comets may tell "how hot material in the sun's corona cools and where that energy goes."

comet-sun.pngWithin the first five million miles encircling the sun, charged particles emerging from the sun actually ramp up in speed from about 250,000 miles per hour to over one million miles per hour.  Comet tails blown along the solar wind are distinguishable like a leaf in a stream, allowing astronomers to study the mechanism that causes the solar wind to accelerate myseriously.

Comet ISON may be a visual treat for the casual skygazer, but for the scientific community it is a target that merits close observation. 

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