November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

AstroFest Features the Comet

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The annual AstroFest program for students of South Bend Community Schools featured the comet in anticipation of Comet ISON.  Chuck Rupley points to a fan comet while making dry ice comets with kids.In addition to the tried-and-true dry ice comet activity, led by comet chef Chuck Bueter and canada viagra generic arctic trekker Chuck Rupley, two new activities by astronomy educator Ruth Craft debuted.

For the Comet Dum Dum (sorry, not pictures), two pegs were upright in a board within an ellipse.  A lollipop (with the wrapped candy representing a comet's head and the handle representing its tail) was attached to a string that swept out the elliptical orbit.  The white handle always pointed away from the "sun peg".   Another model of a planet orbited the "sun peg" in a circle, and a parabola drawn on the board passed near the sun akin to Comet ISON's path.

astrofest04683.JPGVisitors also created Comet Art with simple craft supplies.  Thanks go to all the staff who supported the evening of activities. 

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