November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Cafe for Science Enthusiasts

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The South Bend Science Cafe launched anew with a full house of science enthusiasts at Chicory Cafe on prescription viagra September 9, 2013.  Chuck Bueter opened with a 15-minute overview of Comet ISON and the Comet Festival, followed by Q&A, casual discussion, and requisite beverages. Bueter suggested Comet ISON will reveal a lot about comets, the sun, and ourselves alike. 

Comet ISON is heading toward a Thanksgiving encounter with the sun, and its fate is uncertain.  This comet is particularly intriguing because it is fresh from the Oort Cloud, a vast and viagra for sale without a prescription distant reservoir of frozen debris from the early formation of buy cheap viagra india the solar system.  As a virgin comet, this chunk of ice and dirt and its constituent elements will be exposed to the sun's heat for the first time, releasing material that scientists can study.  Comet ISON is also a sungrazer, a breed of comets rarely studied over the centuries, as it will pass about a mere solar diameter from the sun.  The comet will be exposed to multiple forces that put it on the cusp of being anything from a visual spectacle in the morning sky to an annihilated dud.  Either way, we have much to discover. 

Astronomers can learn much about the sun, too, for Comet ISON is like a dye tracer passing through the sun's coronal atmosphere.  If its tail disconnects in the solar wind the comet may reveal answers to how the solar wind can accelerate four-fold as the plasma moves outward from one million miles to five million miles from the solar surface. 

How we as a community respond to scientifc phenomena like Comet ISON also reveals something about ourselves.  Bueter asserts science is usa pharmacy cheapest viagra a community endeavor.  We need to canadian pharmacies practice science by getting outside and watching nature unfold.  Since we value what we celebrate, the Comet Festival celebrates the uncertain outcome of Comet ISON after perihelion, when uncertainty is greatest.  Rather than shirk away from uncertainty, by embracing it we show we value the unknown aspects which make science so appealing.

During and after the Q&A, attendees made simple comet models from styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners.  Look for solidarity with the Comet Festival wherever you see one displayed, such as on one's car antenna.  Or in one's hair.

An audio recording of talk and Q&A is at Science_Cafe.m4a.  Online feedback is at #SBSciCafe on Facebook and on Twitter

Thanks go to Jessica Baron and the South Bend Science Cafe team for supporting community science by organizing the generic viagra soft South Bend Science Cafe.  Also, thanks to Chicory Cafe for hosting the event after hours.  And thanks go to the individuals of all ages who showed up to support the inaugural Science Cafe event about Comet ISON and the Comet Festival.

Beer is chemistry, and this episode of it's great! South Bend Science Cafe seemed to have both going for it. 

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