November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Meadows Edge Activities

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Thanks to the families of Meadows Edge Elementary School for allowing us to practice some ideas with you.  You made a lot of comets (dry ice, styrofoam, and paper plate versions)! 

meadows-fancomet.pngBefore we got underway with the after-school program, we made and viagra ordering displayed a dynamic Fan Comet modeled after the design by the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society.  We also made some static versions of comets with styrofoam balls and colored pipe cleaners, but didn't get around to using the latter in the evening program.

DSC04584.JPGFormer student Dacota Schrader introduced the viagra online shop history of comets, noting they have been bad omens in some past cultures. Comets sometimes have two tails, depicted in photographs as yellow (dust) and bluish (gas).  Satellite images show rocky crusts with bright outgassing at a few surface vents.  The tails generally sweep out away from the solar wind.  Dacota explained the elements of his drawing in which a turkey loses its yellow tail as it makes its closest approach to the sun while its left blue wing (the gaseous ion tail) is straight out, downwind of the solar wind. 

DSC04601.JPGStudents committed to whether they thought Comet ISON would be favorable or not by voting with a paper plate.  Each person drew a face--either smiley or glum--on a paper plate.  They held up their decision when called upon, and the majority of votes suggested they look for a favorable apparition in the sky in late fall.  Another effort to get them to be part of a random sample in which they dropped their plates to the ground admittedly did not fare as well as an activity, in part because of poor instructions in a noisy gym and in part because the kids were younger than the target audience for that activity.  It was a useful exercise for the levitra label facilitator, Chuck Bueter, but not necessarily for the participating children. 

Comet__tails_pixR.jpgRyan Schrader helped conduct an activity in which they colored two plates--yellow on both sides of one, and blue on both sides of the other--then cut a spiral inward from the edge.  These colored tails they affixed to the center of a plain plate with a paper fastener to create a paper plate tail.  The original credit for that paper plate activity goes to April Whitt, who made it part of her Activity: The Dynamic Solar System.

DSC04641.JPGAdult hands were on order viagra now deck when the students finished that activity and descended on the table to make their own dry ice comets with Chuck Bueter.  Laban Kaufmann, Ryan Schrader, Dacota Schrader, and a few other parents stepped up to help each child experience the process of making and taking home a dry ice comet. Thanks for staying late to give every child a chance at discovery.


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