November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Simple Comet Model

Posted by chuck // July 2, 2013 // in Events // 0 Comments

Here's a simple way to make and only for you display a humble model of a comet.  Insert some light colored pipe cleaners into a styrofoam ball, with the ball representing the coma and the wires the dust tail.  Include a blue appendage for the canada pharmacy chewable viagra blue ion tail, which always extends directly opposite the sun, downwind of the solar wind.  Suspend the model with a piece of monofilament line that is tied to a wire tail near the foam coma. 

The images shown were from a day camp at St. Vincent de Paul in South Bend, IN, at which the young participants created innovative tails.

(The simple comet model is also the basis for a car antenna decoration.  After 500+ miles of highway testing, a prototype is still hanging in there. Image.)





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