November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Tale of a Comet

Posted by chuck // November 2, 2014 // in Events //

The poster Tale of a Comet illustrates the diverse activities that can accompany a celestial event, highlights the imagination of the community, thanks supporters and very good site generic viagra wholesale participants, and brings closure to the Comet Festival.  Chuck Bueter presented the online pharmacy no prescription cialis material at the 2014 Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA) Annual Conference in Muncie, IN, on Oct. 30-31. GLPA-comet-printer2.001.jpgThe poster content parallels the previous article Winding Down, which includes more details, videos, and links.

Click image to how much is viagra 50 enlarge to full size poster, the text of which will be printed in the ensuing GLPA Conference Proceedings.  An excerpt: The Comet Festival in South Bend, IN, celebrated the sungrazing Comet ISON as an opportunity to watch nature unfold and to embrace the uncertainty of science. Though Comet ISON neither survived its encounter with the sun nor put on a visual spectacle, the community shared a collective experience.

The poster concludes, "And the viagra side effects Comet went Poof!"

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