November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Winding Down

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The Comet Festival in South Bend, IN, celebrated Comet ISON, a sungrazing comet that was inbound from a distant reservoir of space debris and look here a comet whose type probably had not been witnessed in centuries.  The community seized a chance to i use it watch nature unfold and to embrace the uncertainty of science.  As Comet ISON emerged from the depths of we like it the solar system, many schools and businesses and individuals stepped up to show they value science.

Though Comet ISON neither survived its encounter with the sun nor put on a visual spectacle, those two outcomes were knowingly not assured.  Polls at several schools showed students were split on what they believed would happen.  Some students now have bragging rights.  But survival and spectacle--two factors dictated by nature--were not the basis by which we expected to judge the Comet Festival.  As suggested in the online celebrex last 15 seconds of the recorded vision, "It's how well we do as a community in sharing a collective science experience."  The outpouring of imagination expressed in the science-related art, for example, was a heartening reminder that the denizens of South Bend think and act innovatively in response to nature's splendor and mystery.

Alas, we need to say thanks to all who support innovation and purchase januvia online education as we move on to wow look it the next endeavor. 

The video below is a blast of Comet Festival images and advocates. Yet there is so much more not shown.  Hopefullly we've got all the credits and permissions squared away; play your own music.

Thank you!


As 2013 winds down, so does the Comet Festival.  Among the highlights:

  • Ignite Michiana intermission video
  • Tail End of the Season at Potawatomi Zoo
  • Rare Comet Books Exhibit
  • All-school assemblies in about 30 SBCSC schools
  • About 100 dry ice comets, including
    • Astrofest at Kennedy School
    • St. Vincent de generic viagra pills from india Paul
    • ScienceAlive!
    • Meadows Edge Night
    • SBCSC teacher workshops
    • SBCSC school assemblies
    • St. Pius X Catholic School
    • YMCA AstroCamp
    • Notre Dame Sensing the Cosmos Summer Camp
    • Cleveland Astronomical Society
    • AOI Sorority, Grand Valley State University
    • Prairie Vista University
    • ND Forum VI
    • Andrews University
    • Experience Michiana
    • Boys & Girls Club of South Bend
  • Presentations and demos
    • South Bend Science Cafe
    • Kiwanis of tadafil South Bend
    • Annual Michiana Star Party
    • SBCSC Truck Pull and Community Faire
    • EXPO with Michiana Science and Techology Center Inc. 
    • National College-South Bend
    • SBCSC Board Meeting
    • Prairie Vista Fifth Grade Camp
  • Comet Quest treasure hunt
  • Food and beverage specials
  • Google+ Hangouts
    • A Dirty Snowball's Chance in Hell with Emily Lakdawalla, Ron Kaitchuck
    • Burnt Leftovers with Emily Lakdawalla, Alex Filippenko
    • Eulogy for a Comet with Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, Pamela Gay, Karl Battams
  • Workshops
    • South Bend Community School Corporation (SBCSC)
    • Michiana Astronomical Society
    • Great Lakes Planetarium Association
  • Art
  • Telescope Observing
    • Andrews University
    • Michiana Astronomical Society Telescope Clinic
    • St. Patrick's County Park
  • Planetarium programs
    • ETHOS Science Center
    • St. Joseph County Public Library
    • Digital Visualization Theater at Notre Dame
    • PHM Digital Video Theater
    • Kennedy Planetarium (SBCSC)
    • Harris Branch Library
    • Holiday Happenings at Eddy Street Commons
    • Comet or Bust with Martin Ratcliffe
  • Music
    • Concert at Chicory Cafe
    • Concert at The Pool
  • Yoga Under the Stars
  • Comet-gami with Riverbend Community Math Center
  • 2013 Comet Festival on Facebook
  • Website
    • 39 Events articles
    • 12 Comets articles
    • 8 Planning articles
    • 8 Supporters articles
    • Introduction, Comet Quest, Map, Calendar, News Releases


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