November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Planning Under the Dome

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On Wednesday, Sept. 4, South Bend came together to plan a festival.  Persons affiliated with diverse organizations ranging from A to Z--literally, from the astronomical society to the zoo--took time to meet and to hear and to propose Comet Festival events and opportunities.

blue-dome7189.pngTo open the order cheap viagra meeting, Dr. Padma Yanamandra-Fisher of the NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign addressed the group via Skype.  She spoke of the unique character of Comet ISON, being a sungrazing comet from the Oort cloud making its first visit to the inner solar system; described the spaceborne assets that NASA hopes to cheaper viagra levitra cialis tap into as Comet ISON nears; and emphasized the collaborative roles of professional and amateur astronomers.  An audio recording of buy cheap generic cialis her talk is online.

Caroline Fletcher, director of the planetarium at the host Kennedy Primary Academy, showed the starfield of where Comet ISON will be as it approaches the get discount viagra online sun. She noted the comet will not be visible several days before and after perihelion on Thanksgiving Day for it will likely be buy cheap generic cialis too close to the sun.  Observers must use caution not to stare near the sun expecting to see the comet.  If it even survives, the comet may be visible in the morning twilight sky in early December, but rising in the ESE just before the sun.  More observing tips are at Comet Disappears and Reappears Twice (Hopefully) and December Morning Telescope Views.

zoo-tails.JPGChuck Bueter, who is coordinating Comet Festival events, proposed his vision of science as a community endeavor that benefits businesses and education alike.  Then, during introductions, individuals briefly shared what they or their respective institution are considering doing for the Comet Festival, as suggested in the Comet Festival Opportunities.  At the end, different parties connected with each other to advance more ideas.  So much happening, not enough time to share all the cheapest price propecia cheap goodness.

Victorian Pantry unofficially debuted its new Comet Coma Coffee, roasted specifically for the Comet Festival.  A special pot of the brew and levitra for sale usa cookies welcomed morning attendees.  Chef and owner Steve Stogdill writes that it "accomplishes just what I think of as attributes to coffee that befit the comet...This bean is going to be bright crisp flavor, rather jazzy, upbeat, light on the tongue, but outstanding flavor and a very light roast."  Mmmmm, it sure seemed to try it deliver just that. 

The Comet Festival thanks the following individuals for sharing their time and ideas under the dome:

Aside: A simulated comet-rise.

The banner image, above, with the blue dome shows some elements from the September 4th gathering.  You can use the image to envision how Comet ISON may appear at morning twilight, if it survives and appears well.  Here's how.

Consider the cialis mail order uk red Exit sign to be an East sign.  In December, the sun is order viagra canada rising south of that East sign.  Nearby is Comet ISON. From there, pick out just one of visit our site those light blue spikes rising from the horizon.  Consider that spike to be rising tail first, heading back out into space, tail first. That's how Comet ISON could appear on the ESE horizon in early December.  Or nothing at all.

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