November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Dear News Desk

Posted by chuck // November 17, 2013 //

Sent to a few local media outlets midday November 14, 2013.

Dear News Desk,

Sorry this isn't a fancy press release, but there's so much happening I don't have time for polished writing right now or listings at In The Bend and the best choice elsewhere.  Events are already underway for the Comet Festival, though the official dates aren't until Nov. 28-Dec. 8.   Here are some summaries.

First and foremost, an awaited news story is that Comet ISON has had an outburst in the last 48 hours and is suddenly brightening. I just saw the comet this morning with a modest telescope.  Everyone wants to know what to expect, but we don't know (that's in part why South Bend is having a Comet Festival), and this is one example of the surprises that await scientists and us casual observers. An introductory press release from August is at

TONIGHT, Nov. 14, is a great opportunity for media to connect with a top-notch astronomer who can provide you with both his expertise and his own high-quality images, including from the advair diskus buy online recent outburst.  Special guest Martin Ratcliffe will be cialis soft generic at the PHM Digital Video Theater at 6:30 p.m.   See  

Have you been in some South Bend schools lately?  If so, you'd see comet art everywhere.  Nearly every school had an all-school assembly ( to prepare the students.  Then, an estimated 20,000 local students created comet-themed art.  Yes, 20,000!  TOMORROW, Nov. 15, the Colfax Cultural Center will start receiving and hanging over 330 pieces of student art, with 10 pieces coming from each of 33 SBCSC schools.  The exhibit opens Nov. 19 to the public.  Meanwhile, the exhibit of regional adult artists begins TODAY at the same site.

The Comet Quest treasure hunt gets underway TODAY, with new sites being added regularly.  See  More content yet to viagra 100mg be added.  

The Potawatomi Zoo has its Tail End of the Season exhibit spread throughout the zoo, running NOW through its final open day, December 1.  See

Bibliophiles will want to know that rare comet books dating back to the 18th, 17th, and 16th centuries are on where buy viagra display NOW at the Bittersweet Branch Library.  See

Meanwhile, several restaurants are featuring comet-themed specials.  For example, the Comet Cap at Thyme of Grace has a fabulous portobello mushroom entrée.  Yum!  You can find these sites on the Comet Festival Map at

Next week begins a slew of cialis professional indian additional activities.  Here are some links for more info.

Calendar of Events

Daily updates on Facebook  This is where you can also see many of the things that have already been done leading up to this date.

Comet Festival Home Page

The Comet Festival is an opportunity for our community to watch nature and science unfold together.  People are talking about this common theme in their schools, homes, and businesses.   I hope you find several angles that appeal to your respective audiences.

Again, I recommend you connect with Martin Ratcliffe while he's in town if you want an authoritative astronomy source down the road.  

Thanks.  Gotta run,

Chuck Bueter