November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

New Comet Inspires Festival

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Press Release 2013-08-15 Comet Inspires Festival

A Comet Festival in South Bend, IN, will celebrate an intriguing new comet that will make a close approach to the sun on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  Regardless of Comet ISON's outcome then--ranging from naked-eye spectacle to unseen annihilation--our community will embrace the uncertainty of science and rx online levitra welcome the pfizer viagra 50mg windfall of cialis 5 mg daily information gleaned from the sun-grazing comet.  Comet ISON is about to levitra professional online buy uk become the subject of much speculation in mid-August when it re-emerges from behind the sun, and I invite you to be ahead of the curve and understand its significance.  Thanks for your interest in this celestial apparition and our community's response to the opportunities it brings.

Press Release

Tuesday, August 14, 2013

A Comet Festival in South Bend, IN, will celebrate the inbound Comet ISON, which is plunging toward a close encounter with the sun on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  Dubbed a sungrazer because of its proximity to the sun's searing heat, the icy Comet ISON (officially dubbed C/2012 S1 (ISON)) has an uncertain fate.  "Comet ISON could be either a visual spectacle or a dud--somewhere on that continuum," says Chuck Bueter, who is good choice spearheading the what is the cost of cialis events from November 28 to December 8.  "With the Comet Festival we are embracing the uncertainty."

So why a festival?  "As a society we celebrate what we value and we value what we celebrate.  Lots of people in our community are stepping up to say we value science, even if it doesn't have all the answers."  Scheduled events throughout the week include a Comet Quest treasure hunt, art exhibits, musical performances, family activities, food and beverage specials, telescope observing opportunities, planetarium programs, and educational outreach.  

"If the comet survives its Thanksgiving ordeal, we probably have to give it several days to move away from the sun before we could see it in the morning twilight."  In the case of Comet ISON, caveats abound, for there may be no surviving remnants going into December. An observer's guide on the Comet Festival website describes when and where Comet ISON may be visible (  "Even if the uk levitra tail is photographically satisfying, the combination of light pollution and twilight may impinge on the public's visual satisfaction."

In the interim, Bueter is taking the message to buy viagra locally libraries, camps, classes, and public sites.  Under the moniker of best prices on cialis the Comet Chef, he has made dozens of dry ice comet models with the assistance of kids and buy generic cialis adults alike.  "Astronomers beilieve a comet is basically an icy chunk of dirt that sheds debris as it approaches the sun," he said.  "Comets are important for astronomers, of course, but when they are visible to the naked eye they have great public appeal."  

Discovered in 2012 when it was beyond the orbit of Jupiter (distant even by comet standards), Comet ISON immediately appealed to astronomers. Having been on the other side of the sun this summer,  ISON will re-emerge mid-August as earth orbits around the sun, and when it does many scientists will again clamor to image the solar system interloper. NASA is dedicating over a dozen space assets to the observing campaign.  "Comets are remnants from the early solar system, and some people believe they may have seeded the wholesalers of viagra earth with the building blocks of life," Bueter noted, "but a sungrazer can reveal much about the dynamics of cialis no doctor the sun, too."

Bueter invites local businesses and organizations to propose their own roles in the Comet Festival.  "If you wait for the perfect sure-thing comet, you'll never experience a Comet Festival.  They're too fickle.  So join us now and share your values."  In a recent blog post Celebrating the Uncertainty of Science, Bueter explains why the Comet Festival is important and exhorts the community to teach its children science.  He concludes, "Be proactive and do something comet-y."

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Chuck Bueter of Granger, IN, has led astronomy education and public outreach programs both regionally and nationally for over 20 years, for which he was awarded the Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Award by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in July 2013. He has been an astronomy counselor for the YMCA AstroCamp program at Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, MI, for over ten years. In 2004 and 2012 Bueter spearheaded Transit of Venus education, for which NASA recognized him as a significant partner in one of the largest education events in NASA history.  During the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, thousands of look here students in St. Joseph County, IN, observed and generic viagra real measured the darkness of the night sky in the Let There Be Night program that Bueter co-coordinated with Art Klinger, with some of their innovative activities now in education kits offered by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory.  Featured among Bueter's websites is Paper Plate Education, a unique collection of hands-on activities that use simple paper plate.  In anticipation of Comet ISON, Bueter's community in South Bend, IN, is celebrating the uncertainty of science with the 2013 Comet Festival ( 


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