November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Comet Quest!

JulesVerne.pngUnderway Now!

Embark on a new adventure by finding quirky comet clues throughout the community.  Beginning November 14, 2013, each participating local business or instituion will exhibit a comet-related item alongside an information sheet with a keyword. Follow the viagra best buy treasure hunt map and record 10 keywords to receive a modest prize, and be eligible for items given away December 7, 2013.  Find just five keywords and receive a sparkly Comet Festival pencil.

See the Rules and list of sites, then begin your Comet Quest!



Are you a business, institution, or local entity that wants to host a Comet Quest site?  Get in on the action by contacting Andrea Vollrath at  Riverbend Community Math Center, 574-339-9111.


See the Comet Festival Map for growing list of Comet Quest sites.