November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Meet Amanda Serenevy

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serenevy-cafe.JPGAs Executive Director of Riverbend Community Math Center, Dr. Amanda Serenevy has immersed herself in programs that support teachers and viagra cheapest local youth in math education.  When asked whether she wanted to candian levitra have a role in the Comet Festival, she jumped in with ideas and enthusiasm.  Mention to her that comet orbits are parabolic or elliptical, and she's quick to show how you can make an ellipse by folding a piece of paper around two dots...That's the spirit that embodies Serenevy's support of local math education in general and grass roots efforts like the Comet Festival in particular.  

In addition to creating math lessons relevant to the comet for students and educators alike, Serenevy and her team at Riverbend will be coordinating the Comet Festival's treasure hunt.  This will be modeled on the TROVE Adventure treasure hunt that they so capably organized for the lowest price on non generic levitra 2012 transit of Venus.  For the Comet Festival treasure hunt, participants visit mapped destinations at which will be clues and information sheets about comets.  At each station will be a keyword; collect ten keywords and earn a prize or opportunity to win a prize. 

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your skills, innovation, and math pedagogy with our community.  We look forward to your hands-on presence in the Comet Festival. 

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