November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Meet Candace Butler

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For projects to have impact they need to have advocates.  Candace Butler, the Fine Arts Facilitator at South Bend Community School Corporation (SBCSC), is such a person working on belhalf of the uk viagra interests of South Bend students.  Butler willingly took a lead role in bringing a comet experience into the classrooms of the entire school district. With colleague Tracy Slattery, the SBCSC Science Facilitator, Butler initiated teacher workshops, coordinated all-school assemblies at dozens of schools, guided teachers at individual schools, compiled packets of information to be sent home, and attended several school rallies.  butler_3180.JPG

Butler coordinated the exhibition of student art at Colfax Cultural Center, which was selected by the NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign as its Image of the Week.  At the Truck Pull and recommended site Community Faire she spoke up for the Comet Festival.  Did we mention her role in comet-themed paper placemats for restaurants?  Butler strived to make science meaningful to students through the arts, and she succeeded in that task.


When Butler reported results to original viagra the SBCSC Board on india viagra December 2, 2013, she noted,

The art teachers across the does propecia work? corporation began teaching about comets and space from an artist’s view and challenging their students to use their imaginations to create a piece of art about what they had learned about comets.  The results have been unbelievable works of art done by students in kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade.  The SBCSC has never done anything like this on this scale that we know of.
     There have been songs and poems written about ISON and math projects galore.  This was truly project-based learning.

In the same report, Butler spoke kind words of thanks to supporters of the project, for which the Comet Festival turns around and says, "Thank you." 

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