November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Meet Ron Kaitchuck

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In an effort to insure content on the Comet Festival website is scientifically valid, we have enlisted Dr. Ron Kaitchuck of Ball State University in Muncie, IN, to serve as a science advisor.  Kaitchuck understands the subtleties of how the public interprets words and the best place images of science, as he is the Director of purchase female viagra the BSU Planetarium in addition to his regular teaching duties and astronomy research. 

In recent years Kaitchuck has been a featured speaker at the Annual Conference of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association, delivering the Astronomy Update on the past year's major news (or purported news).  Kaitchuck-2009.jpgKaitchuck is ever-cautious about embracing the popular media's assertions as he judiciously distinguishes between genuine news and less discriminating press releases. 

Kaitchuck has been positively influencing astronomy education for many years, building up the BSU undergraduate astronomy program into one of the largest in the wow it's great nation.  In the image below, he looks skyward in the BSU planetarium while his former student (now Director of the Carmel High School Planetarium in Carmel, IN) Keith Turner presents what may be Turner's last talk from behind the venerable projector's console on April 27, 2013.  A new planetarium is generic cialis 5mg scheduled for construction at BSU in the coming year.

Kaitchuck will proofread whatever content is sent to him for editing, so any errors are likely from the Comet Festival's webmaster's not sending him new content before posting it prematurely.  Thanks, Ron, for accepting this new task. 


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