November 28-December 8, 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Comet Festival Opportunities

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How much do you value science education in our community?  Support your target audience in this menu, or be the celebration's signature sponsor, or propose your own role in the 2013 Comet Festival.  

Comet Quest

A treasure hunt takes families into local businesses in search of comet-themed artifacts and clues.  Collect ten keywords at each destination’s information placard and earn a modest prize. Put yourself on the map, in more ways than one.

Comet Festival Art Exhibit
Two-dimensional art from regional artists is featured at multiple sites around town.  Participation by schools is happily requiring additional exhibition space.   

Dream Makers Arts Camp
Program helps kids aged 5-17 after school with academic support and arts enrichment.  Scholarships would support one week of science education and accompanying art component for 30 kids.

Telescope Clinic
The Michiana Astronomical Society will make minor telescope repairs and instruct people how to observe Comet ISON and other celestial highlights with their under-used telescopes.  The club will also guide potential telescope buyers before they make a holiday purchase.

Comet Speaker
Dr. Padma Yanamandra-Fisher of the Space Science Institute is a leading astronomer  on the NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign.  As Comet ISON approaches, she also is overnight viagra brand coordinating the team’s outreach efforts through social media and is eager to assist the Comet Festival’s science education objectives.

IUSB Teacher Training
The Indiana University-South Bend School of Education seeks to immerse its teachers-in-training in unique, genuine science experiences.  A comet-making workshop, a public science event on campus, and student-designed lessons will be key elements of the IUSB program.

South Bend Community Schools will conjoin and advocate for Science, Technology, Arts, and Math in select schools as part of an inaugural STEAM program.  Arts incorporated into the enter site traditional STEM priorities encourage new avenues of learning.

Website and Social Media
The website and the page are among the outreach vehicles that connect people both to the science and to the personality of Comet ISON and Comet Festival events.  Online highlights include a tentative slate of Google Hangout interviews with key comet scientists before, during, and after Comet ISON’s closest approach.  Bandwidth and tech support gets more expensive when you reach this many people.  Individual ad space can be purchased separately.  

Dry Ice Comets
This quintessential comet activity will be scheduled in multiple venues around South Bend.  So far in 2013, kids and adults alike have made over 50 dry ice comet models at schools, libraries, clubs, and camps.  With funding for dry ic, this crowd-pleasing activity will occur in many more locations, including random street pop-ups.  

Promotion and Printing

Okay, so maybe promotion and printing are not the sexiest happenings, but with a message (and sponsor) this good, we have to get it out!  From posters to a PSA video, spread the word that our community and 50 mg levitra you value science.   

Music is integral to a community celebration like the Comet Festival.  Both weekends are targeted for family-friendly music that’s free and open to the public.  Musicians work hard and deserve fair compensation for sharing their craft.

Henna Art Designs
Artist Jayshree Patel specializes in traditional Henna art, and she will create comet-themed patterns with which to adorn people.  Roll up your sleeves and wear your values.  

Tails at the generic form of cialis Zoo
The Potawatomi Zoo marks the “tail end” of its 2013 season with a program that features  different traits of we like it animal tails – fly swatting, balance, warmth, steering, communication/displays, gripping, and swimming.  Note the different comet tails displayed at the zoo, too.  

Our nation needs scientifically literate citizens in the future economy.  Move beyond the dialogue.  Please contact us to suggest original ways you can participate in the Comet Festival.  We also invite you to support any or all of the events with either cash or in-kind support. Thank you for your consideration.

Contact Chuck Bueter
Comet Festival Coordinator

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